20130622-221132.jpg I think we shouldn’t vote on gay rights I mean we don’t vote on women and men marriages it isn’t right I mean come on voting on marriages is inhuman I mean Love knows no boundaries every one should be happy no matter what.

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Creepy american girl dolls

Did you ever see a american girl doll.they look like they are alive it creepy my sister gave me the one she had and now i have 4 they kind of creep me out like a lot.I mean look at this picture!doesn’t look alive ┬álike its going to kill you or something it just creeps me out so much.there is one doll that doesn’t creep me out that doll is my look a like.


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A Funny Story

My mom walked in while I was watching Shane Dawson and she said with a look on her face “what are you watching?” and I said “I am watching Shane Dawson mom?” then she walked out with a look on face so funny when you you saw it you would laugh yourself to death!

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Have you ever being sick well I am.tell me what I should post next to make it more fun for all of you.

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School Sucks

if you think school sucks say “i”!School i too long we should just learn what we need for life and go home. You know what i mean right?

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didn’t get a lot of sleep i know how you feel.i am so
tired today it not funny.

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Bad Days

had you every had a bad day when you want to kill yourself and you wish you weren’t alive. Well i am with you on that today sucked.I just think bad days are worse then bad hair day.If you think bad hair days are bad your wrong i mean they are bad but bad days are just worse you know. Sometimes bad hair day are really bad ┬ádon’t get me wrong.

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hey it’s my first time here so let me tell you about myself.I have long brown silky hair and brown eyes
i am lovable and i am so cute 2.well now you know i look like i will be bloging everyday.

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